Is terrarium Tv the best alternative of Showbox?

Terrarium Tv and Showbox are the common apps that we find ourself comparing every now and then. if you are unaware, Showbox and Terrarium TV are free Movies and Tv Shows streaming app that is basically designed for android phones. Both give their service free by showing advertisements, but today lets compare both and find out which is better streaming app.

Terrarium Tv Vs showbox

Terrarium Tv Vs Showbox

Following are the comparisons between the features of both the apps, it’s up to you the one you prefer as both the apps have their own specialties.

  • Adding subtitles are easier in Terrarium TV. Terrarium TV also has the database of subtitles that it adds to the video by default, you just have to switch on it whereas in case of Showbox they download the subtitles after you select for the option.
  • Database of movies and shows is bigger in Showbox. Terrarium TV is fairly a new app compared with Showbox which makes the Backend of Showbox pretty strong.
  • Movie streaming is faster in Terrarium Tv Compared with Showbox. Due to the database of Showbox, they have compromised a little in terms of speed. If you are a high-speed broadband user you will never feel the difference but 3G users can feel it.
  • Development works of Terrarium Tv are Over, the developers have officially announced that they are stopping their work on terrarium tv and have to focus on a bigger project (which might or might not be a streaming app). So if you are a person who likes frequent updates, download Showbox.

Is it Legal to Use Showbox and Terrarium Tv?

Streaming Movies and Shows for free to the users without permission from the directors make this app violate copyright, so it’s surely not legal to use these apps, and we would also recommend you to watch movies on the hall to support the artists behind it if you have enough time and money to do so. At the same time, there is no threat to the user in using these apps if any problem, it’s for the developers, so no need to worry.

Cartoon Hd is the second fit alternative for Terrarium tv after Showbox.

Movies HD is also good for an alternative for terrarium tv users.

Popcorn time is the other alternative of Showbox as in terrarium tv.

Watch unlimited Movies & Shows for Free on Showbox!

If you love watching movies on your android phone, then you must be aware of an app called Showbox. Showbox is an app that lets users stream unlimited movies and shows for free, It’s just like a free version of Showbox. Although Showbox is not legal in most of the countries, free apps users love it for its features. In this article, you can learn many new things about Showbox and a way to download the original version for free.

Showbox Features

Following are the features which make Showbox the most successful Streaming app for android.

  • You can watch an Unlimited number of movies and shows and all for free, there are no hidden charges that you need to pay to continue its service.
  • Although Showbox depends on revenue from advertisers to support its development works, the ads are very few and never annoying.
  • Adding subtitles for the videos in the language you wish too is really easy on Showbox when you are watching the movie click on subtitle icon and select the language you want in and boom! you have added the subtitle for the video.
  • You can download the required videos to your device by clicking the download button below the videos you play.
  • Showbox has a huge chain of servers which make it work fastest on your device. The streaming speed and quality is comparable to Netflix.
  • Showbox is the oldest streaming app in the industry which makes its database of movies and shows the biggest, the rarest of rare movies and shows can be found in Showbox.

Showbox download

Download Showbox for android

You cant find Showbox in any official playstores as it violates copyright of the movie and tv show producers, to download Showbox for the Android devices  you need to download the apk file and install it with the standard installation procedure. Click on the download button below to download Showbox APK.

Showbox APK Download

How to install Showbox APK?

Installing APK Files are really easy on Android, follow the given steps to install Showbox apk.

  • Go to Android settings and find security settings,
  • In Security settings enable the option that says “unknown sources”.
  • Now download the APK File to your phone and open it.
  • Click on Install button to initiate the installation. Wait until the process is completed and the open button is shown to you.
  • Now you can open Showbox anytime from your app gallery.

Thank you for reading our guide about Showbox, now enjoy unlimited movies on your Android without any problem.  share it with your friends if you find Showbox cool. And keep visiting Threewisemonkeys for latest amazing apps.